The official BlackCoin binaries for Linux seem to be targeted for Ubuntu-related systems and don’t generally work on Fedora. Below are BlackCoin packages v1.2.2-1 for Fedora 23 and 24 (x86_64 architecture), containing both the blackcoin-qt and blackcoind binaries.

Package SHA256 checksum
Binary package for Fedora 24 d0952ecfc78cd75c7ffd4aa3c8d5ff8fd91966dc3cb536ae797066e467e7a83c
Source package for Fedora 24 286a08d053292d0647595adc83fefdbb765ecdc3a8ca0cb9d62c6c2362ed84aa
Binary package for Fedora 23 9777dfbc9f6f3ffbafed9889217d7f4c62e9c34aa9b5161c21f9d4a247538615
Source package for Fedora 23 cd61c592fd4250cd68015406565504a1ff51920547ce718e2d621d0220bb9ca2