The official BlackCoin binaries for Linux seem to be targeted for Ubuntu-related systems and don’t generally work on Fedora. Below are BlackCoin packages v1.2.4-1 for Fedora 24 and 25 (x86_64 architecture), containing both the blackcoin-qt and blackcoind binaries. Packages are signed using my PGP key.

Direct download link (paid) IPFS link (free)
Binary package for Fedora 25 QmUuvJZZuU4agsSBc1K7NCSyHEwtwpsBxWakRhj2DCZaCQ
Source package for Fedora 25 QmZL9kKwbRQmEXteHupe68nLbCXbrv1DZwP4nyct3noJSK
Binary package for Fedora 24 QmS6QeH7gki7dRCkSSVYwa1xABZry2UnzGXQeqsbVeAaBr
Source package for Fedora 24 QmeRmb1t9ggWjhmwd7pePNTggwoBHKzLbfsgfCpetVwtMi